Top 4 Things to Do Around Blueys Beach

Top 4 Things to Do Around Blueys Beach

Blueys Beach in Pacific Palms is a fantastic destination for a beachside holiday in NSW. Featuring a seaside village set amidst sloped cliffs and lush vegetation, Blueys Beach offers a friendly coastal atmosphere that is hard to match.

If you are planning an upcoming holiday to Blueys Beach, then you are sure to have a great time. Today, I’ll take this opportunity to tell you a little more about what you can see and do in the area. So, without any further ado, here are some Blueys Beach things to do that you should consider adding to your itinerary.

1. Hit the beaches

Boomerang Beach

Boomerang Beach

If you’re holidaying in Blueys Beach, the number one thing to do is to hit the beaches. Apart from the main beach at Blueys Beach, there are several other beaches in the area and three coastal lagoon systems. Some of the beaches in the area include Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach, Shelly Beach, Cellito Beach, Sandbar Beach and the stunning Seal Rocks Beach.

Should you choose to stay with us at Blueys Motel, you’ll put yourself close to all of these beaches. Our motel accommodation is located 200m from Blueys Beach, 900m from Boomerang Beach, 3km from Elizabeth Beach and Shelly Beach, 8km from Cellito Beach and Sandbar Beach and 24km to Seal Rocks Lighthouse Beach.

2. Explore gorgeous trails and walking tracks

Booti Hill Lakeside Walking Track

Booti Hill Lakeside Walking Track at Booti Booti National Park. Credit: Shane Chalker

There are some gorgeous trails, walking tracks and lookout points for you to explore on your Blueys Beach holiday. Some of these include the Coachwood Loop Walking Track, Whoota Whoota Lookout, Double Wharf Trail, Sugar Creek Trail, Booti Hill Lakeside Walking Track, Southern Boundary Trail and Cabbage Palm Loop Walking Track. Make sure to add these to your Blueys Beach things to do list.

Blueys Motel is ideally located just 13km from Southern Boundary Trail, 15km from Whoota Whoota Lookout, 16km from Coachwood Loop Walking Track, and 25km from Sugar Creek Trail.

3. Visit a national park

Wallingat National Park

Wallingat National Park. Credit: Rob Freijs

National parks are a major attraction near Blueys Beach. Three major national parks in the region include Booti Booti National Park, Myall Lakes National Park, and Wallingat National Park.

Blueys Motel is conveniently located 3km from Booti Booti National Park, 12km from Myall Lakes National Park and 16km from Wallingat National Park. Should you choose to stay in our motel accommodation, you’ll face no problems getting to any of these national parks.

4. Have a picnic

Picnic Area

Enjoy a picnic around Blueys Beach

The final item to make our list of Blueys Beach things to do is to have a picnic. If you’re holidaying in Blueys Beach, you must take the time to have a picnic amidst gorgeous surroundings. Whether you choose to have a picnic on the beach or you’d like to have a picnic in the middle of lush forests, you can do it all in Blueys Beach.

Some of the best picnic spots in the area include Sunset Picnic Area overlooking Wallis Lake, Sugar Creek Picnic Area, Elizabeth Beach Picnic Area and The Ruins Picnic Area. Besides these, there are many other areas where you can relax and have a leisurely time.


If you are planning a Blueys Beach holiday, then make sure to add the following to your Blueys Beach things to do list. Make sure to check out as many beaches near Blueys Beach as you can and explore the gorgeous trails and walking tracks. There are three remarkable national parks in the area. Booti Booti, Wallingat and Myall Lakes national parks offer beaches of all shapes and sizes, forests by the ocean, a network of coastal lakes and a wide range of flora and fauna species for you to discover and explore. Finally, to have a relaxing experience, have a picnic on the lake, beach or amidst lush forests.

And, when it comes to finding accommodation in Blueys Beach, you need not look any further than Blueys Motel. Our motel is located in the heart of Blueys Beach – close to all the attractions I’ve mentioned above. By staying with us, you’ll easily be able to access the most popular Blueys Beach things to do. And, don’t fret if we have no availability, just call reception and we will happily recommend another property in the area.

Take a look at our range of motel accommodation and call our friendly staff on +612 6554 0665 to make a booking today!


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