Why Seven Mile Beach Is the Perfect Day-Trip Destination

Why Seven Mile Beach Is the Perfect Day-Trip Destination

Blueys Beach is one of the best destinations when it comes to enjoying a holiday in the Pacific Palms and North Mid Coast, Barrington Coast region of NSW. Blueys Beach is surrounded by many other beaches, national parks, and several other attractions. One such destination is Seven Mile Beach in Booti Booti National Park

Located just 9km from Blueys Beach in Forster, Seven Mile Beach makes the perfect destination for a day trip. Today, I’ll outline some reasons why you should consider a day trip to Seven Mile Beach if you’re holidaying in Blueys Beach.

1. It is a pristine beach

Seven Mile Beach is a pristine white beach which stretches from Cape Hawke and Janie’s Corner down to Tiona and the Ruins Camp Grounds. This beach offers a secluded stretch from the northern tip to the southern tip, making it perfect for picnics and beachside activities.

Whether you’re looking to relax and unwind or have some fun by the beachside, Seven Mile Beach is perfect. Just remember – its an unpatrolled beach so you need to be careful if you plan on going into the water.

2. It’s great for surfing

While Seven Mile Beach may not be the ideal destination for swimming, it is absolutely fantastic for surfing. The beach offers numerous surf breaks, and it is counted amongst the best-surfing destinations in the region.

The northern tip of the beach offers secluded left-hand surf break in Janies Corner while the southern tip attracts lots of surfers. Whether you’re looking to have a good time with other surfers or you’re looking for some time on your own, Seven Mile Beach allows you to do it all.

3. It offers some wonderful fishing spots

Apart from its surf breaks, Seven Mile Beach is also known for its fantastic fishing spots. Some of these fishing spots are located along secluded stretches of the beach, mostly towards the northern tip towards Janie’s Corner. You can also find a number of good fishing gutters along the length of the entire beach.

4. Day-trippers love the place

Seven Mile Beach is loved by day-trippers. Here’s a review that a day-tripper left on TripAdvisor: “Beautiful scenery, fantastic swimming spots, and some fun adventures to be had with a 4WD. Do yourself a favor and come up and explore this magnificent part of the mid north coast. I was pleasantly surprised at how amazing it is from Hawks Nest through to Forster.”

If you’re in Blueys Beach and you’re looking for places to visit, then Seven Mile Beach is an absolute must. Do make sure to include it in your holiday itinerary.

And, if you haven’t booked Blueys Beach accommodation yet, you can do it right here with us at Blueys Motel. Our motel accommodation on Blueys Beach is just a 9km drive away from Seven Mile Beach. Just take the Lakes Way, and it will lead you through several attractions in the Pacific Palms region through Booti Booti National Park to Seven Mile Beach. The scenic drive through rainforests along the creek itself makes Seven Mile Beach worth visiting.


If you are holidaying in Blueys Beach and you’re looking for day-trip destinations, then Seven Mile Beach is a perfect choice. It is a pristine beach which is located just 9km from Blueys Beach. Seven Mile Beach offers some of the best surf breaks in the region, and it is also an excellent spot for fishing. Day-trippers love Seven Mile Beach, as can be seen from the positive reviews left on TripAdvisor.

Make sure to visit Seven Mile Beach on your Blueys Beach holiday. And, for accommodation in Blueys Beach, consider our motel accommodation at Blueys Motel.

Check out our motel accommodation to make a booking with us today. If we are fully booked and unable to accommodate you and your travelling party, speak with our friendly reception staff and they will be able to recommend accommodation in the region.

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