Why Blueys Beach, NSW Is the Perfect Place to Unwind

Why Blueys Beach, NSW Is the Perfect Place to Unwind

When it comes to finding a holiday destination where you can relax and unwind in complete serenity, Blueys Beach, NSW mid north coast is a perfect choice. Located in the Pacific Palms region of northern NSW, Blueys Beach is almost a kilometre-long beach set against a backdrop of hilly slopes and lush vegetation. It is no wonder that Blueys Beach attracts thousands of tourists each year.

I may be biased, but if you are planning an upcoming beachside holiday, you won’t find a better holiday destination than Blueys Beach in the region. Here are some reasons why Blueys Beach, NSW is the perfect destination for your next beachside holiday.

1. It’s a heaven for nature enthusiasts

As I mentioned, Blueys Beach is set against hilly slopes filled with vegetation. Because Pacific Palms is not too populated, the region is practically untouched. There are a number of walking and hiking trails and fantastic lookout spots in the area.

Nature enthusiasts have plenty to explore in and around Blueys Beach, NSW. There are three national parks in the vicinity, namely Booti Booti National Park, Wallingat National Park and Myall Lakes National Park, which has over 964 plants species across 15 different communities ranging from coastal heath and wetlands to temperate and littoral rainforest. The National Parks protect an extensive array of coastal forests on the Barrington Coast. Included in these is the Grandis – a magnificent 76 metre high flooded gum thought to be the tallest tree in NSW located just off from Stoney Creek Road. Apart from these, other attractions near Blueys Beach include The Green Cathedral, a beautiful palm forest for nature lovers to enjoy and home to many weddings on the shores of Wallis Lake, in the Booti Booti National Park. Few other destinations in NSW can offer as much to nature lovers as Blueys Beach can.

2. It offers some of the best surf locations in northern NSW

Northern NSW boasts of having some amazing surf locations, and many of these are located close to Blueys Beach. Some of the best surf locations in the area include Boomerang Beach, Elizabeth Beach, Shelly Beach, and Cellito Beach, which are all located only 1km to 8km away from Blueys.

By choosing Blueys Beach, NSW as your holiday destination, you’ll have no problems getting to any of these wonderful surfing spots. If you’re willing to travel a little, you can also make your way to Bulls Paddock, also known as the Ruins Campground and Picnic area, located on the south end of the Seven Mile Beach in Forster, which is another fantastic surf location 5km away from Blueys Motel.

3. It’s the epitome of beachside living

One of the biggest reasons why you should consider Blueys Beach, NSW for your upcoming holiday is because it offers the epitome of beachside living. While Blueys Beach is a quaint suburb which is not too populated, there are laid back shops, cafes, eateries, oceanside resorts, holiday homes and motels in and around Blueys Beach.

Here, at Blueys Motel, we’re located just 200m away from Blueys Beach. Our motel accommodation offers you the best of beachside living at affordable prices. Our air-conditioned guest rooms come equipped with useful amenities and facilities that will allow you to enjoy relaxing and idyllic beachside living.

You can enjoy fantastic beachside accommodation with us for as low as $128 per night for a standard queen and up to $200 for a 2 bedroom unit. Take a look at our range of accommodation, and I’m sure you’ll consider making a booking soon!


If you are planning an upcoming holiday in NSW to relax and unwind, Blueys Beach is the perfect destination. Located in the Pacific Palms region, Blueys Beach is just 3 hours away from Sydney and is growing in popularity as a beachside holiday destination.

Blueys Beach, NSW is a heaven for nature enthusiasts, and it offers some of the best surf locations in northern NSW. Moreover, it is located close to several other beaches, and it offers the epitome of beachside living. These reasons are more than enough for anyone to plan a holiday in Blueys Beach.

And, for fantastic beachside accommodation in Blueys Beach, look no further than us at Blueys Motel. Our accommodation will put you in a great location to enjoy the very best that Blueys Beach has to offer.

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