5 Reasons to Book Motel Accommodation for Your Next Holiday

5 Reasons to Book Motel Accommodation for Your Next Holiday

When it comes to enjoying an idyllic beachside holiday in NSW, Blueys Beach is the perfect destination. Located in the coastal town of Pacific Palms, Blueys Beach offers pristine sandy beaches set against the glittering ocean. With three famous national parks, Blueys Beach features epic sunrises and sunsets, and it is also the perfect jump-off point to some excellent surfing locations.

Due to its rising popularity as a holiday destination, you’ll easily find accommodation in Blueys Beach. Today, I’ll outline some reasons why you should consider booking motel accommodation in Blueys Beach for your next holiday.

1. They are affordable

Compared to hotels and holiday apartments, motels are far cheaper. This is one big reason why motel accommodation in Blueys Beach is just so popular. By choosing to stay in a motel, you will have extra money to spend on other aspects of your beachside holiday. Motels are perfect – especially for travellers on a strict budget.

Blueys Motel accommodation starts from as low as $128 per night for a Queen, $173 per night for a King and $200 per night for a 2 Bedroom Unit – these rates are much cheaper than hotel rates in the area. By staying in our motel, you will certainly save on your holiday accommodation costs.

2. They are comfortable

Sure, motels may not be as large and luxurious as hotels or holiday apartments. But, they are far cosier and more comfortable than a hotel room and many holiday apartments. This is mainly because motels are generally are located away from the hustle and bustle.

Furthermore, motels offer fewer rooms than hotels or holiday apartments. For instance, Blueys Motel has just 10 guest rooms. Because of this, motel staff can offer you a much more personalised service than any hotel or holiday apartment can provide.

3. They offer great accessibility

When it comes to room accessibility, nothing beats motel accommodation. While hotels and holiday apartments have corridors, lobbies, elevators or stairs, motels offer direct accessibility to your room. This means you’re out exploring the second you close the door of your guestroom, and in the case of Blueys Motel, the shops and cafes are a mere  20 metres away – hello fresh morning coffee!

With motel accommodation in Blueys Beach, you can get back to your room instantly after a long day at the beach – which is exactly what a beachside holiday should be like.

4. They have a fantastic location

Most hotels and holiday apartments in Blueys Beach are located in a central area, further from the beach. However, motel accommodation, such as ours will put you just 200 metres from the beach.

Blueys Motel lies just a short walk from Blueys Beach and 900 metres from Boomerang Beach. By staying with us, the best of Blueys Beach will be right at your doorstep.

5. They include useful amenities

While many people consider motels to be a simple accommodation option, motels in Blueys Beach include useful amenities. One should be mindful that some motels rival the amenities offered by holiday apartments and even hotels.

A stay at Blueys Motel includes complimentary Wi-Fi, complimentary onsite parking, luggage storage, self-serve laundry facilities, courtyard with BBQ facilities, outdoor spa and pool and umbrellas and sunbeds. With such useful facilities and an excellent beachside location, you needn’t look elsewhere for motel accommodation in Blueys Beach.


Blueys Beach is a fantastic beachside destination, and there are many reasons why you should book a motel as your accommodation. First of all, motel accommodation is far more affordable than hotels or holiday apartments. Motels offer better comfort and you can expect more personalised service from their staff. Motels also offer better accessibility than holiday apartments and hotels. Motels offer a fantastic beachside location, which you won’t find with most hotels and holiday apartments. Finally, motels offer useful amenities and facilities that you will need on your holiday.

Due to the five reasons outlined above, motels are an incredibly popular accommodation choice in Blueys Beach and can become fully booked in the high season, which is why you need to book early. If in the unfortunate event that Blueys Motel has no availability, our friendly staff will be able to find suitable accommodation for you in the region.

For the best motel accommodation in Blueys Beach, look no further than Blueys Motel. Click here to view our guestrooms and to make a booking or call reception on +612 6554 0665.

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