4 Reasons to Visit Pacific Palms over Forster

4 Reasons to Visit Pacific Palms over Forster

The Mid North Coast region of New South Wales is a fantastic destination for a beach holiday. With popular tourist destinations like Pacific Palms and Forster, there is plenty to see and do. From glistening beaches to untouched waterways, national parks, and amazing lookout points, the region makes an excellent choice for a relaxing holiday.

However, when it comes to choosing one of these destinations for a beach holiday, you should consider Pacific Palms over Forster. Today, we’ll take a look at some reasons why you should do so.

1. Pacific Palms is closer to Sydney

To get to the Mid North Coast region of New South Wales, you’ll need to travel from Sydney. Pacific Palms is located 260 km to the northeast of Sydney, whereas Forster is located further away at 308 km from Sydney.

While this may not seem like much of a difference, you’ll be surprised at just how many tourists prefer Pacific Palms over Forster because it takes lesser time to travel to and from Sydney.

2. Forster is much more populated

To enjoy a relaxing beach holiday in the Mid North Coast, you need to choose a quaint destination that isn’t too populated. Both Forster and Pacific Palms are small coastal towns that are perfect choices for such a holiday.

However, in comparison, Forster is far more populated than Pacific Palms. While the permanent population of Forster is 13,740, the population of Pacific Palms is said to be only 673 (Wikipedia). By choosing Pacific Palms over Forster, you’ll get to enjoy a completely different holiday experience.

3. There are more attractions in Pacific Palms

Forster may be a wonderful holiday destination with plenty of attractions including Cape Hawke and the Bicentennial Trail and home to where you can jump on a great whale watching tour or surf the sand dunes at the north end of One Mile Beach, among others. You’ll certainly have a great time exploring these attractions. However, Pacific Palms has much, much more to offer.

With 6 beaches, 3 national parks, The Green Cathedral, and several other popular attractions, you have much more to see and do in Pacific Palms. Pacific Palms also boasts untouched waterways and some of the best surfing spots along the Mid North Coast.

4. There’s great accommodation in Pacific Palms

While you can certainly find great accommodation in Forster, accommodation in Pacific Palms offers you a completely different experience. For example, Blueys Motel is located in Blueys Beach, placing you by the beach, without costing you a fortune – and this is exactly what a beach holiday should be like.

Our motel accommodation also includes useful facilities and amenities such as air-conditioned rooms, complimentary Wi-Fi and complimentary onsite parking, among many others. With so much on offer, you need not look for accommodation in Forster – you’ll enjoy a much better holiday experience with us in Pacific Palms.


When it comes to a beach holiday in the Mid North Coast region of NSW, Forster and Pacific Palms are two of the most popular destinations. However, Pacific Palms makes a better choice compared to Forster. This is because Pacific Palms is located closer to Sydney and it is much less populated. There are many more attractions in the Pacific Palms region, and you can easily find great accommodation in Pacific Palms as well.

For fantastic accommodation in Pacific Palms, look no further than Blueys Motel. Take a look at our accommodation in Pacific Palms, and I’m sure you’ll fall in love with what you see!

Please give us a call on +612 6554 0665 to book our motel or if you find that we have no vacancies, our friendly Blueys Motel team at reception will have no trouble recommending other accommodation in Pacific Palms for your holiday.

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